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A Little About Us

Paramount Community is the group of people from various states. We offer bespoke experience at untouched places and Himalayas. We are purveyors of adventure. We believe in nurture the traveller. Every member has their own experience of trekking, solo travelling, mountaineering, expeditions, or etc. The hunger goes up and up whenever the Paramount Team approach adventure activities. Team is bringing various minds together and creates wonderful options to sink into lifetime adventures. Founders believe in promoting youth activities and their interest in the adventures. Team supports all the activities and accomplishes traveller’s lifetime adventures.


Our Top Missions

Paramount is not about summit peaks and feel the adventure but also to cater to experiences that leave an impact of a lifetime and they say that Believe in Adventure.

The most exciting thing about us is we always believe in direct approach to the unexplored adventures. The organization is team campaign runs by enthusiast and passionate people about mountaineering. After all the founder initiates Paramount Community in GUJARAT because of less activity about mountaineering and adventures.

Taking you to new heights, helping you push your limits with well trained and experienced trek leaders and guides. We believe in taking risk regarding new experiences and travel brings the chance to experience the next new, a chance to finding the real you.

Meet Our Team

Chirag Parmar

Chief Executive Officer

Milan Parmar

Sr. Project Leader

Adarsh Mehta

Sr. Project Leader

Yash Vadi

Senior Project manager
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