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Chirag Parmar

Founder & Chief Director


From Solo Traveller to Professional Mountaineer, he is now avid traveller and insane adventurer on mountains. Throughout his sane thoughts he find Paramount Treks & Adventures for the people alike who want to explore the new places or roam a destination like never before. Fro his optimizing skills he made a solid team of PARAMOUNT ARMY. who are purveyors of adventure and experienced trekker or traveller.  He enlighten others for doing adventure things as his name -CHIRAG. And PARAMOUNT gives traditional travelling vibes with modern amenities and comfort. His motto is to keep adventure things alive in everyone and nurture a travller. That’s the main reason area of paramount at any destination feels you warm and cozy,like your next home within your adventure. . He did mountaineering from NIMAS, Arunachal Pradesh. Fickle minded and committed to his passion nominate him a perfect leader of PARAMOUNT..

He throw himself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as he lies close to the earth. Thousand unknown traveller, cultures, beaches, mountains, history are noticed by him and so on. When  he hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless. Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the exotic beaches he explored and finds next home in this beautiful world.  

The vision behind Paramount treks & adventure is to connect the community for people alike. He did solo travelling, weird adventures, learnt lessons from experiences, entered into the world of mountaineering and passion to share experiences. This experience so far forced him to execute Paramount community where people fueled by the love for the Mountains. The main purpose is to prompt youth activities, create a culture of a traveler. Taking you to new heights, helping you push your limits with well trained and experienced trek leaders and guides. He Believe in taking risk regarding new experiences and travel brings the chance to experience the next new, a chance to finding the real you. Every person who travels with Paramount must sink into the lifetime adventure under the rituals and guidance of Paramount Team. Because we don’t believe in just reaching to destinations or Summit the peaks, we believe in providing next home within the adventure  of traveler that lies as an impact of a lifetime in the minds of people…


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